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How long will my coating last?

The lifespan of each application varies with where it is being installed, what product is being installed, what type of use it will receive, and how much exposure to weather it will be subjected to. There is no specific time frame that covers all applications but all coatings/stains do require some maintenance in order to get the most life from them. Manufactures suggest washing and resealing every 3-5 years maximum. As discussed in the warranty section above we offer a maintenance service that protects your investment as well as extends your warranty.  We provide a care and maintenance sheet with every project so you will know how to get the most life from your application.

What is your warranty and what does it cover?

All of our new residential coatings and stains come with a 3 year warranty. Commercial projects come with a two year warranty. With participation in our maintenance service that repeatedly adds another 3 years to the warranty of most applications you can potentially have a lifetime warranty. Specific information is provided in the proposal package you will receive after your free site inspection. Our warranty does not cover failure of our products due to the cracking or failing of your existing concrete. We have ways of working with existing cracks to minimize the chance they will re-appear and methods to simplify future crack repair if needed.

Do you have samples we can see?

Absolutely, our sales team has sample boards so you can see and feel the different colors and textures rather than looking at a paper sample. We also do some larger on site sample boards specific for your project. Those are only done for certain product applications and are done when we get to the texture and color stages of those projects .

How long does the typical project take?

While there is no standard answer here, most residential pool and patio decking projects can be completed in about a week. Larger commercial pools take around two weeks. There is no magic number here, but our staff will advise you before the project begins with a detailed timeline for your project

What type of projects do you work on?

We work on all residential and commercial sites, interior or exterior, needing repair or new installations of overlays, epoxies, stains, or sealing of concrete and stone. We also work closely with a few reputable contractors who handle new concrete, total pool renovations, outdoor kitchens, firepits, landscaping needs, and pool service making us a one stop shop for most customer needs.

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